Mommy Tummy Miracle

Mommy Tummy Miracle: 3 in 1 Postpartum Recovery Support

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Enjoy an incredible feeling of support and safety the moments you need it most. Here’s why we’re different:

Outstanding Support: Belly, waist, and pelvic pieces. Can be worn alone (lightest support) or all together (maximum support).

Medical-grade Compression: Forces abdominal muscles and internal organs to “restart” and work together perfectly.

78% Faster Recovery: Takes pressure off swollen areas, helps the uterus shrink back, and the postnatal healing.

Actually Comfortable: Stretchable material that lets you breathe and move in comfort. Sneeze and cough without pain.

“Undercover” Design: Almost invisible underneath clothes. Slip in and out easily without extra help.

Doubles As a Full Silhouette Fix: Keeps unsightly bulges pulled in. This stops pregnancy stretch-marks from forming.

No Back-pain: Stimulates deep pelvic contractions, which end back pain, and provides substantial support during backfeeding.

Product Description


  • Stomach belt: Shrinks belly and abdonimals half way back to normal. Recommended for 1-7 days after birth or c-section.
  • Waist belt: Flattens the entire midsections. Relieves back pain. Recommended for 1-6 weeks after birth or c-section.
  • Pelvic belt: Speeds up pelvic contractions, reboots and restores optimal muscle and organ function. Recommended for 7-42 weeks after birth or c-section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How soon after a C section can I wear Mommy Tummy Miracle?

 In our experience, 3-4 days is a good plan, to give the wound some time to heal. Afterward, feel free to wear Mommy Tummy Miracle as much as you like.


2. Is Mommy Tummy Miracle effective in actually slimming my body?

Absolutely! Even though Mommy Tummy Miracle won’t make you lose weight, you will still look tremendously thinner and smoother while wearing it.


3. But where does all of the fat go?

Any excess fat in the belly, waist, and pelvic area is compressed and moved towards more desirable places. Being fully discrete, Mommy Tummy Miracle avoids the “bulging muffin” look.


4. I gave birth months ago, will Mommy Tummy Miracle still work for me?

Of course. Mommy Tummy Miracle is designed to deliver continuous support to your body, improve posture, relieve back pain and slim you down.

That said, it’s best to start close to birth. This is because childbirth releases hormones (relaxin, progesterone, and estrogens) that loosen the supporting muscles, ligaments and joints of your core.

Simply put, the earlier you start, the better your recovery… but we’ve also heard great things from moms that began more than 6-months postpartum!

What our customers are saying

Lisa Petersen

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Oh my god! This helps SO much with putting everything back together. Unbelievable. If you’re like me and feel like a bloated tomato, this is soo sooo soooo going to make you happy!!! Highly recommended!

Maggie Davidson

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

So far, I’m very happy with the way it works, and I’m confident it’ll help with back or pelvic pain (it sure helped me!).

Emma Sandoval

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I love how Mommy Tummy Miracle fits! People can hardly believe I gave birth just 3 months ago… it’s actually THAT good. So far, I’ve only worn it during the day but it’s been so comfortable I think I could wear it during the night too, if I needed.

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